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On Sale October 17, 2019

Blood, Booze & Whores

The History of Salida, Colorado

Volume 1: 1880-1881

The ‘Salida Sam’ Historical Book Series focuses almost exclusively on happenings inside the city limits of Salida, Colorado.  Volume 1 covers the town’s beginnings in May 1880 through the end of 1881.  

Although shared through the journal of a fictional character, the stories are 100% true.  Salida was a wild west boomtown, filled with brutal conflicts, free-flowing whiskey, outlaws, fortune-seekers, and shady ladies.  

‘Salida Sam’ speaks with the rough-hewn voice of his era. He’s a man of his time, and his time was often harsh, racist, and sexist.  

Follow Salida’s growth from an empty, dusty flatland to a railroad hub and center of commerce where settlers found misery as often as success.  This quaint mountain town wasn’t always a wholesome tourist mecca.