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My daughter and I did the Ghost & Murder Tour. We had a ton of fun. Our guide did a great job telling the stories, and I learned fun stuff.

Kristine Thorpe-Bainbridge

Highly recommend to visitors and residents alike! I've lived in the area for 4 years and learned so much on this tour. What a rich history we have. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and fun! Thanks!

Kristen M

Our guide focused on the history prior to the 1900s. We walked through the downtown area stopping at various locations to learn of the historical town's people, business leaders, architectural features, etc. He colors his information with anecdotes that are amusing as well as thought-provoking. It was a very warm day, and our guide was mindful of trying to position us in the shade as often as possible.


We had an excellent tour guide earlier today. The depth of historical perspective and information provided on the area was great, and my son and I learned much. Some of the facts were items I had not heard of even though I have been visiting here each year for the last twenty years. The Buena Vista Walking Tour is an awesome way to round out your information bank on Buena Vista. I would recommend these walking tours to both the seasoned visitor and the first-timer.


One regret is that we did this tour at the end of our stay rather than the beginning. When we arrived in town, we admired the beautiful brick buildings in the downtown area. Our guide had the answers to our questions about town history and all those lovely buildings - along with recommendations for restaurants and other things to do.

We were in town for a wedding and decided to do the walking tour our first day. It really added to our appreciation of the area and were so glad we went! Our guide was very informative about the history of the town and added details about the people who lived here and places we saw that made our stay that much more enjoyable. We were sharing the stories the whole time we were there.



Worth The Visit! I could have listened to history all day. Great Town and Great Tour. Would definitely recommend.


You'd never know what lies beneath the layers of paint and years gone by until you step into old West Buena Vista with the Buena Vista Walking Tours. Beyond the modern day kayaking/biking/outdoor activities that make folks flock to this small mountain town are the tales of what drew the early settlers and entrepreneurs to the area and their incredible and flamboyant stories with them. You'll see history everywhere you go after the tour, and your current and future visits will be much more the richer for it. We followed up the tour with a trip to the museum for more info and insights to the characters and stories. This tour even psyched up my 11 year old with the history bug, and he was already talking about doing his next school history project on the town! We will definitely do the Ghost & Murder Tour next time we are in town!


We took 2 tours with this company. A scenic, history tour and a nighttime ghost walk one. We were very fortunate to have our guide all to ourselves, and he asked enough questions to make this a real personalized tour for us. He has a true gift for storytelling and an obvious love of the town. We spent the daylight tour being fascinated with all the information and tales. So much that we didn't know. One of the most interesting pieces of this was the ghost signs. Our guide accommodated my bad knees and found places for me to sit while he wove the stories. The architectural details kept our camera going. He took several photos of us with the buildings and signs behind us. He knew many residents and pointed their businesses and shared his personal reflections on them. The nighttime walk didn't produce any sightings, but we felt some shivery moments. It was very quiet, and that lent itself to his stories of the dark side of town. We definitely could have listened to more. Thanks for the wonderful memories of our stay.

Stef & Barb

We had a wonderful experience with Buena Vista Walking Tours. Great old west town with lots of old west stories that go with it. I am in Salida all the time for the last 25 years and never knew that I didn’t know so much. Lol. Great experience and I will do it again soon with family. Thanks, Buena Vista Walking Tours.

Dave Curtis

I had a fantastic time, and my guide was very informative about Buena Vista history. I am a resident and learned so much about the town's architecture and history that I didn't know. I would highly recommend these tours for visitors and locals alike!

Fun, informative, stuff I didn't know, They tell great stories, easy walk downtown. Highly recommended.

No Name

Jane Jolley

Our guide's knowledge of Buena Vista's history was amazing, making for a very interesting hour. We are going back for a full day tour next month.

I have lived in town for 30 years and decided on a whim to take this tour at 9 pm. I must say, this company has done their research and provides an informative and entertaining tour of the lower downtown historic area. Book with confidence, you will enjoy.

Bob Schork

William S

We spent a couple of days in Buena Vista last month and took the walking tour. I had been skeptical, having experienced my share of droning docents on past walking tours. This was nothing like that. Even my blasé 16-year-old called the experience "pretty cool." Our guide was an engaging speaker, and quickly got us invested in the local history of a place that we had never been to before. There were a lot of stories and facts - some sad, some funny, some thrilling, some very juicy, but all of them extremely entertaining. Our guide kept our attention for an hour and a half straight and caused us to see the town with different eyes. I highly recommend them!

We had a tour of locals join the Wild West History Tour of our own town, and I can't believe how much we learned! The architectural history of Salida, an overview of the RR role in the town, major historical players.. it was so awesome. It's one thing to walk around downtown and enjoy the shops and restaurants. It's a whole other experience to really dig deep into the history that makes our town so incredible. Thank you for doing such a great job! A real treat for tourists and locals alike.

Oliver W


This tour was more than amazing. Our guide was a wealth of information, and the time we spent was soooo worth it. I had not idea about early Buena Vista, and I will see it from different eyes now. I have always loved this place I just love it that much more. Can't wait to do the Ghost & Murder Tour.

Lisa S

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Robbie White

Our guide was a wealth of knowledge. Who knew that so much went on in this quaint town? We enjoyed every minute of the tour. Anyone who is new to the area owes it to themselves to take this tour. You won’t regret it!

Mountain Mama

This tour offers something that's a rare find these days; the ability to transport you back in time with his superlative storytelling skills.  The more I learned about the goings on in Buena Vista's wild west days, the more I marveled at the contrast with our present time.  So many colorful characters and surprising events.  As we walked the downtown streets, and our guide described in wonderful detail the ambiance that made up this rowdy railroad town, I could actually imagine it all.  Since we are locals, we were surprised at just how much we didn't know about our town. There were some real goose bump-inducing tales of ghosts and hauntings!  Wonderful.  Looking forward to more of these tours.  We would recommend them to anyone and everyone who loves to be entertained and/or enlightened about history.

Pat W

I have lived here for nearly 20 years, but there is so much that I just don't notice: details of buildings, details of the ghost signs, and more. Our tour guide was able to connect it all into a meaningful history, telling lots of interesting and entertaining stories along the way. I learned a lot, and highly recommend this tour to visitors and town citizens alike!

Very informative and comprehensive. Fascinating history.

River Trout

Mike Rosso

"We thoroughly enjoyed the Ghost & Murder Tour. They have done a lot of research into the history of the area. He started on time and gave us a fun glimpse into the towns past.

Nancy Powers

We had an excellent "ghost tour" guide. He had a wealth of historical knowledge (all memorized), was friendly, personable, safety-conscious, and a great teller of stories. I have lived in the area 14 years, and the vast majority of his stories were new to me. Highly recommended!


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The historical district tour is so much fun - even though I went on the coldest day in a year I totally enjoyed it! We had a fantastic guide, pointing out the many historic buildings with ghost images of the business name and original product advertising still visible. His knowledge of the colorful history and characters was impressive as he told true stories, emphasized with some acting and sound effects! Very worthwhile tour that made history come alive for me!

Quinn Davis

Peggy K

As a resident and history buff, I was pleased to see that Walking Tours had started. My husband is a 4th generation, however, so he was a bit skeptical about how accurate the tour would be. We were both very pleasantly surprised. The day was bitter cold, but that didn’t stop us from truly enjoying the tour. We actually also learned some interesting trivia about our home town. Our guide was informative and entertaining, and I would highly recommend his tours. We plan on doing more tours in the spring.

Points out very interesting historical landmarks, accompanied by fascinating stories that make up that history. Our host was very friendly and attentive to questions. Truly enjoyed our tour, and I learned a lot!

M Pujol

Roger France

Awesome experience! Our guide was a great storyteller and animated tour guide. The information is accurate and well researched, making it even creepier because it's true! You won't look at downtown the same!


I took a group of local high school students on the tour, and they were amazed to see and learn things about their town that they had not seen or heard before. They said several times, "I have never noticed that before." They were also fascinated with the town's rough history that they had no idea about. I had a group of 18 teenagers, and our guide did a great job engaging them and working with them. I can't wait to go back and bring my husband and in-laws.

Amy M

I went on the tour with a friend, who, like me, is a native. We both kept exclaiming about how much we didn’t know about Salida. This fascinating tour is for natives, long-time residents, newcomers, and visitors alike!

Bob N

Having just moved to the area we thought this tour would be an interesting way to make sense of all the beautiful downtown buildings. This tour was perfect for learning the basics of local history and noting the details of architectural interest. Highlights were intriguing stories and getting a sense of the towns humor and passion over the decades as it boomed and busted and now thrives. Highly recommend for tourists and townies alike.

Avery Smith

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Skyler Adelson